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Originally Posted by zombaddict View Post
Gonna put all this stuff in spoiler tags....a few secrets I found out about.

Spoiler Below
Diamond camo? Diamond camo is unlocked through gold camo on all guns in a specific class. If you gold gun all your SMG's for example, then Diamond camo becomes unlocked for your SMG class.

Activision retro arcade in nuketown by shooting heads off mannequins and walking up to the nuketown will be transformed into a retro activision arcade with about 25 games or so?
Yeah, I've seen a few snipers with the diamond Ballista lately. I don't think I have the patience to deal with one type of gun for that long.
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TDK is overrated.
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Attention whore.

I've said it a couple times before, and I'll say it again. There is only one Oxley, and you ain't him bub. Quit feigning crazy. It's getting pathetic.
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Se7en...STFU. Stop trying to out stupid Oxley. Oxley is actually amusing with his craziness.

You're just a bland and dull rip off.
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