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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Expendables 2 - Damn, what a great opening scene that was. Am I right, or what? That opening scene was spectacular. Too bad the rest of the film sucked. Seriously, what the hell to they think we want from this franchise? Apparently, what they think we want, is a bunch of old dogs giving us ridiculous, expository dialogue, with two big action set-pieces bookmarking it all. Fuck all that. I want the same goddamn action you gave us, in the opening ten minutes of the film, to last throughout.

What I don't want, is a script that was written by a twelve year-old, being expanded on by a bunch of sentimental old men. This film had one fucking job, and that was to entertain me in all of it's 80's "action movie" glory, and what I got was a confused narrative, that asks me to care about what I'm seeing. Did John Matrix ask that? I didn't fucking think so. This franchise is just WAY too high on itself.

Look, all we want, are some 80's era badasses, kicking the ever living shit out of bad guys. That's it. I don't care about the depth of the bad guy's greed. Just show him being greedy, and kill him. That's all I ask.

Disappoited again.


Five of those points are for the opening scene alone. The rest is a bunch of garbage.
I see your points.
Thankfully, I missed it in theater. Maybe a re-run on Blu-ray, we will see.

Originally Posted by Sea Hag View Post
I've tried watching all 3 extended editions in one day but I physically couldn't do it. (could only finish the first two) I obviously love'em but it tested my movie watching endurance. With that said; the extended versions are the only versions in my eyes.
You seem a pretty reasonable guy with this statement...
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Oh hey look! Kitty got claws!
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