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Originally Posted by Shoggoth View Post
I'm probably a little late to the game with this question, but exactly how does the admin system work around here. I know we have admins who post regularly and keep the boards in order such as Breed and Caustic. Do they have any say in what KillRobot does or are they just here to keep things in line? I'm just trying to understand the chain of command a bit better.
All the mods are still here, but KR is focused on the new site. Some of us are admins, but short of some minor modifications, we have no say. KR is the site owner, which gives him higher level powers to make major site changes and updates.

If we are on our own, I hope KR gives a couple of us some added powers, but who knows if it'll happen. I'm hoping we get reincorporated back into the main BD site at some point in some way, but if not, we'll make do.
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