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Originally Posted by black coffee View Post
The scene with Isaak and Dexter at the gay bar was great.

Ray Stevenson killed it. Terrific actor.
That scene was superb and a really nice touch to the character. Before he was just a run of the mill mobster guy, but that scene really humanized him.

Originally Posted by Caustic Coffee View Post

One thing I don't like is that it seems Dexter is utterly incapable of calculating anything one or two steps ahead. Is the plan really to go about your day and
Spoiler Below
hope Isaak doesn't take a shot at you in a donut shop? You're going to give Isaak an injection in the middle of a bar and what, pretend to walk him out drunk and hope for the best?
The old Dexter would've been waiting to jump him just outside of the bar or waiting in his closet or something that would never occur to him. This new Dexter runs around trying to kill people in the daylight or in crowded places, when he has no advantage. Logic is kind of going out the window.
This has been happening for three seasons now. Dexter is no longer a calculating killer. He's a super hero serial killer who doesn't even follow his own code most of the time now. He just kills when he feels like it, anytime and anywhere. You just have to accept this to enjoy the show.

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