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Originally Posted by SlayerX View Post
Loving the fuck outta Black Ops 2 since I think Treyarch makes the best CoD games. Since Ghost was nerfed to shit, everyone now overly relies on their mini map and its hilarious. Hence my main class:

Type 25 (Looking all sexy with the Cherry Blossom camo)
Ex Mags
Primarary Gunfighter
Perk 1 Greed
Cold Blooded
Extreme Conditioning

UAV/Hunter Killer/C-UAV pointstreaks

Ive pulled several games with 20+ killstreaks easily since no one knows Im around. Kids getting all

EDIT: Also seems guns are far more balanced this time around and having Domination split into two rounds is fucking brilliant. Good teams will still stomp but now it makes for better games with the flip and even teams.

Additional sidenote: The AN94 is fucking insane
Originally Posted by zombaddict View Post
Yeah this game is the best installment for sure!

Not sure if I got better overall at COD or they just leveled the playing field more than ever.

Using the SCARH exclusively now....It was my equipment unlock for the first prestige.

Also, really loving the tranzit zombie map!
Treyarch >>>>
Originally Posted by Se7en View Post
TDK is overrated.
Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Attention whore.

I've said it a couple times before, and I'll say it again. There is only one Oxley, and you ain't him bub. Quit feigning crazy. It's getting pathetic.
Originally Posted by The Geek View Post
Se7en...STFU. Stop trying to out stupid Oxley. Oxley is actually amusing with his craziness.

You're just a bland and dull rip off.
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