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The purpose of a Bond movie is to take hold of the baton and run with it. The concept of a remake or reboot for this franchise should be a misnomer because all it is is a template, thus pressing the reset button should have no place. If there intention all along was to build up to where they were in the past with M and Moneypenny, why did it take them three films to do it?

I got the impression they were condescending to the material even when they were paying tribute to it. Bond getting behind the wheel of a sports car shouldn't be a special moment, it should be par for the course, not a *wink wink nudge nudge* moment. They don't go for exploding pens anymore? Tell me about it.

And what a waste of a Bond girl. Gorgeous as hell and potentially a character with substance, yet barely in the thing at all. It's unfortunate because the only time you see female characters like that is in 30's 40's 50's film noir and Bond movies.

I thought for sure I would like this better than QOS but as flawed as that one was I might have liked both Casino Royale and QOS more than Skyfall.
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