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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler View Post
You're not very observant...

Due to what I was trying to post I was referring to the forum's bugs and not the forum itself.
bugs? huh?

Originally Posted by HorrorMovieFan View Post
"Halloween: Resurrection"....Oh man this is a pile of fuckery!! I dont see how Moustapha Akkad could have even let this storyline/movie happen? What the hell was he thinking? Busta Rhymes...Tyra Banks....FUCKING CHEESY!! Why they didnt decide to kill BOTH of their gross characters is beyond me? The whole cast was pretty much crap..except for Ryan Merriman and Sean Patrick Thomas!! Bianca Kajlich as "Sara" was "ok"..but nothing special. Only saving grace for this movie was Jaime Lee Curtis who delivered a totally awesome last performance as "Laurie Strode". Curtis must have been annoyed that they decided to make another entry into the series,disregarding H20 and Laurie killing Myers. She must have just wanted them to finally just end her character. I do give the filmmakers credit for cleverly executing a great twist with the whole killing the wrong guy thing to bring back Myers. The first 15 minutes of the movie was totally awesome and then it went downhill from there. I found the whole camera/internet storyline to be annoying!! Last but not least..props to the sexy Brad Loree for doing a good job playing Michael Myers. This is the weakest chapter in the series and shame on Moustapha for letting this shit happen!!

this was almost complete garbage


Originally Posted by floyd2006 View Post
Is it just me or does Halloween really blow after H3:Season Of The Witch?

Recently scanned through H4 and Michael Myers was laughable, not scary at all

part 4 is great and h20 was relatively strong too
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