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Originally Posted by Caustic Coffee View Post
My hope is that they just carve out the message boards part of the new board and retro fit this V-bulletin board into the larger layout they have going. It's not as hard as it seems, since I did it with my school library site and it mainly involves embedding. It won't have the facebook feel they must have been interested in, but it would be far more functional and as you can see, we have the support of the members. The old website didn't have a lot of interactivity between the front page and the message boards, so not much would be lost anyway.

It seems to have more do with traffic, but I hope the powers that be realize they can get the traffic with the front page and still have the message boards this place was known for by reincorporating the Legacy format inside the new design. New members will always want a high traffic message board to discuss their opinions. This seems like an easy win win decision.
I read from Tool Shed or Killrobot can't remember which he wasn't going to link these boards to replace the new ones, but if they do something like you said I don't see what the problem would be, that being said, if he wasn't going to have it linked to here, I don't see why they'd make it look like this.

I don't think these boards will ever see the new layout. All we can do is that in time hope they sort out a system that works effectively.
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