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Browns at Ravens - Ravens: This'll be close, with the birds looking past the Browns. Ray-Ray will blather to his teammates; they'll say "Whatever, Ray-Ray" and decide to play defense late in the fourth.

Patriots at Bills - Bills: It didn't take the NFL long to figure out the Emperor's stupid, new offense.

Chargers at Chiefs - Chiefs: The refs will decide this one, probably re: special teams.

Vikings at Lions - Vikings: Detroit's emphasis on the run game will work against them. The Vikes will give the kitties a chance via a muffed punt.

Panthers at Falcons - Panthers: The Dirty Birdies are the new Lions. Field goal for the win.

Titans at Texans - Texans: Don't expect Locker to have two good games in a row.

Seahawks at Rams - Rams: The Rams keep knocking on the door and should win at home.

49ers at Jets - 49ers: Niners are pissed off; Jets have shaky play-calling and are without their best player.

Raiders at Broncos - Broncos: Blowout, might as well raid the fridge.

Bengals at Jaguars - Bengals: Another boring game.

Dolphins at Cardinals - Cardinals: The Cards last win before their big slide.

Redskins at Buccaneers - Buccaneers: Why would anyone pick a team with a rookie running QB?

Saints at Packers - Packers: Big day for Rodgers; three INTs for Brees.

Giants at Eagles - Eagles: The Eagles are still the best team in this division.

Bears at Cowboys - Cowboys: Romo goes out with an injury. The Boyz respond by breaking Cutler's right thumb.
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