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Originally Posted by travn8r1990 View Post
Danny, So is your next podcast going to be hobo with a shotgun VS street trash then?
Is Tim's hand still fucked up?

With love from Australia dude!
Our latest episode (just released) is La Casa Muda vs Silent House. We're gonna do our vigilante hobo trash episode down the road when we don't have anything relatively new to review.

Tim's hand is better, but still fucked up. He's got the pins removed and cast off, but he's gonna have to do a bunch of physical therapy to get it back in working order. He can barely move his fingers at this point and all the skin is "new" which gives it this eerie sheen. Honestly, sometimes I think he's got a prosthetic hand.
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Originally Posted by MATT PYTHON View Post
These ****** need to make like asexual organisms and go fuck themselves.
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