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Originally Posted by Cause of Death View Post
I honestly think Black Christmas is quite overrated. And yes, I know it's just me...I just never understood why everyone finds it to be so frightening. Halloween trumps it as far a truly SCARY slasher is concerned, easily.
I think it's actually the other way around. I find the atmosphere in Black Christmas to be more gloomy than Halloween. And the fact that Billy was actually in the house all along, moving in the darkness where no one noticed was scarier than Myers who wandered around where u can actually see him. The fact that we never saw Billy (minus his eye in 1 scene) also made it scarier for me, because I kinda find the unseen to be scarier than the seen.

Not only is Black Christmas got my vote for the finest slasher ever, I also consider it to be the best home-invasion horror of all time, far superior than garbage like Funny Games & Ils of course. Wait Until Dark is also another example of home-invasion classic, although I still rate it below BC of course.

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