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Originally Posted by MrBearIsNekromantik View Post
Am I the only one that gets a killer headache after watching them?

Maybe that's why the Virtual Boy failed as a console as will 3-D films sadly.

I thought it would be a cool experiance but guess it's not possible now.
I was psyched to pick up Friday the 13th Part III in 3D.

Watching it definitely brought back some memories.
( I wasn't even alive when it came out, but I did see it in theaters in 3D when I was a kid)

After about 1/3rd of the movie I had to turn the 3D off and watch it in boring ol' 2D.

Shit hurts man.
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Originally Posted by Coffin Bloood View Post
I just wanted to point out the irony of you calling them mean while proudly sporting an image of a naked impaled girl on your forearm.
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