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  1. The Revelator
    03-19-2015 03:26 PM
    The Revelator
    Think they actually are going to "retire"?
  2. The Revelator
    03-19-2015 03:18 PM
    The Revelator
    Yeah Stefan put a link on his Twitter feed earlier. I'll probably listen to it later tonight lol
  3. The Revelator
    03-19-2015 03:09 PM
    The Revelator
    Can't fucking wait to hear that! I'm a big Action Bronson fan. New Earl next week too. And Jenny Death was released earlier today in full. I'm waiting for my vinyl to show up before I give it a listen (I say that now)
  4. The Revelator
    03-19-2015 02:57 PM
    The Revelator
    What a waste they'll give it a 10/10 when it gets a retro review in a few years. So stupid and the review is lazy as fuck. They done goofed.

    GKMC may be better narratively but that was a straight up concept album so that is somewhat expected. This album tells a lot of stories and manages to be summarized and wrapped up beautifully to the point it may as well be a concept album. Both great albums but this one is better.

    As for Kanye I'd probably give Yeezus a 6 or 7/10. They'll dick ride anything he does over at P4k so unless his next album is undeniably crappy it will get a 9+ easily. As much as we have gotten in it over him I still like the majority of his music. 808s is the only one of his I straight up dislike and even that has some good stuff on it. I'd give MBDTF a 8/10.
  5. The Revelator
    03-19-2015 06:29 AM
    The Revelator

    They gave Yeezus a better rating than this? I guarantee they give his new album a 9.5+ as well... fucking lol. I guess you're the wrong person to complain to about that though.


    And they gave GKMC a higher rating. I disagree with them again...
  6. The Revelator
    03-18-2015 09:07 PM
    The Revelator
    I made it 3 minutes into that. Fuck that penis wrinkle right in the deaf heart

  7. The Revelator
    03-18-2015 08:52 PM
    The Revelator
    That was the last new release to get a 10/10 period. They've awarded it to some re issues of classic albums though (most recently Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti). MBDTF doesn't deserve that high of a score in my opinion (as you know) but I rarely agree with P4k anyways but their ratings seem to sway a lot of people so even a 9+ will be huge.

    But yeah people who interpret this album as a black power album are only skimming the surface. If anything he's spending a lot of time here saying "stop killing each other". It's in inward out battle and he seems to think its a losing one. Lots of inspirational stuff going on lyrically... The production is equal for me. It's a psychedelic head trip experience.
  8. The Revelator
    03-18-2015 08:40 PM
    The Revelator
    Or with such personal angle that doesn't seem forced. The concept of regret and "survivors" guilt is hit home hardcore on this album. He seems like a deeply troubled guy who is completely able to justify his personal troubles due to the state of the world as he sees it. Amazing stuff. The last track on here with the interview w/ Tupac spliced in with him reading his poetry to him is a real gut punch. I see exactly what you mean by him continuing right where somebody like Tupac left off. I mean the album literally ends with him asking Tupac a question and not getting an answer since Pac is dead and gone. Imagine how heavy handed and ridiculous that would have been if the material leading up to it wasn't as good as it is here? Says a lot about how confident he is with his music.

    I would be thrilled it P4K gave it a 10.... I really hope they do but I don't think they will. Maybe a 9.5 or something.
  9. The Revelator
    03-18-2015 08:29 PM
    The Revelator
    I would have to listen to those two again to make a fair judgement. I would probably rate GKMC an 8/10 but this is on a whole new level in my opinion. Great to see it is doing well w/ sales. 'll be picking up the vinyl asap and I bought it on iTunes haha.

    I'm not surprised it's getting these reviews. Being called an instant classic by a lot of people. Needle Drop (Anthony Fantano) gave it a 10/10 and that's only the third contemporary release he's ever given a 10. I have a feeling Pitchfork is going to give it in the 9s as well (if not a straight up 10 which they rarely do). It deserves the accolades and I think it's going to be one that people remember and talk about for a very long time.

    All of this is me speaking out of my ass since I'm riding the high of how much I dig it. I'm not going to listen to it for a few days though and come back to it after a bit. Love this feeling of being so into something instantly. There's just so much going on in it that it begs repeating.
  10. The Revelator
    03-18-2015 08:14 PM
    The Revelator
    Yeah there are lots of catchy songs I think... I've listened to the album probably 20 times already lol. Honestly the best hip-hop album with this much exposure I've heard in years. I wonder how it's going to fair commercially since it is so musically inclined as a piece of work instead of just a group of possible hit singles. Jazz, funk, soul, r & b, soft rock, hip-hop, sociopolitical lyrics, unbelievably personal lyrics all framed in a piece of work that anybody could listen to and understand. It's everything that the genre should do for people... I really fucking love it and honestly wasn't even close to expecting to like it that much. I like GKMC but I never thought Lamar would do something so huge. Turning into a fanboy.

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