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Conversation Between Colonel Cinematic and zaglewiz
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  1. Colonel Cinematic
    02-20-2012 12:47 PM
    Colonel Cinematic
    Hey, man! It's been awhile. I stopped coming on here for a little bit, because of school and shit. How've you been?
  2. zaglewiz
    10-02-2011 01:03 PM
    I've actually got that one on a list of movies I need to watch. I usually watch 1 newer horror movie a week and the rest of the time I try to find older ones I've never seen and the ones I enjoy I buy. I swear I've gotta limit my movie buying here soon cause I'm starting to actually run out of storage space. I have a god damn basement full of old vhs's boxed up that I collected from the time I was 5 till probably 5 or 6 years ago.
  3. Colonel Cinematic
    10-02-2011 01:01 PM
    Colonel Cinematic
    A film you gotta see is the japanese found footage film called Noroi The Curse. Probably one of the scariest films I've ever watched.
  4. zaglewiz
    10-02-2011 12:58 PM
    I don't hate anything till I watch it and base my own judgement on them. I'll watch anything and I do mean ANYTHING. If people think this certain genre has been done to death then they need to stop watching movies all together cause a story is meant to be told in whatever fashion that people feel it needs to be told. The Blair Witch scared the shit out of me when it first came out (I was 14 I think?) and I refused to watch it at the theater due to preferring to watch horror movies by myself and it was effective as fuck. I felt the same way about Paranormal Activity that it was very affective and I don't give a damn what anyone says. To me the most effective are those that use atmosphere to its advantage. Pet Semetary, Blair Witch, The Descent are prime examples of great atmosphere.
  5. Colonel Cinematic
    10-02-2011 12:52 PM
    Colonel Cinematic
    I know alot of people hate this type of film, but I've also always thought making a found footage film would be fun.
  6. zaglewiz
    10-02-2011 12:50 PM
    When I was younger and wanted to make films I always wanted to do documentaries about rural life and what not. The movies that inspired me to do that was stuff like Harlan County U.S.A (which you can watch on Netflix), American Hollow (its on youtube), and so forth. The thought of people like that always fascinated me and still does to this day even though I've grown up around them. People like my dad who went to the 6th grade and somehow or another managed to make something of themselves so to say.
  7. Colonel Cinematic
    10-02-2011 12:46 PM
    Colonel Cinematic
    Oh hell yeah, bro. That sounds like a blast I'm kind-of more looking to make films on the more experimental side like David Lynch, 'cause he's my idol.
  8. zaglewiz
    10-02-2011 12:44 PM
    Well when you plan on shooting your first slasher get up with me I have tons of land here in the hills of Kentucky that you can use if I get to die the most grisly death in the film. I need no lines, nothing of that sort. I just wanna walk on screen and DIE!!
  9. Colonel Cinematic
    10-02-2011 12:43 PM
    Colonel Cinematic
    Man, I'm planning on going to film school after High school. I'm taking this multimedia class right now and I really like it. We're working with some green screen stuff that's pretty interesting.
  10. zaglewiz
    10-02-2011 12:39 PM
    Fuck yeah dude always put that shit before anything else (god damn I sound old) and take your young ass to college like I should have did. I actually work my ass off doing tobacco with my family and we split a check and to top it all off my wife makes sweet dough at Wally World as a manager so I can't complain. But I got lucky so to say. But have you seen the horror movie t shirts that Wal Mart has been packing? I must say man its top notch shit.

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