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Conversation Between The Revelator and The Geek
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  1. The Geek
    01-14-2015 07:44 PM
    The Geek
    go ahead.
  2. The Revelator
    01-14-2015 07:39 PM
    The Revelator
    Sorry to bug you again, sir. I really want to make sure it's ok before I post the link to your youtube upload in the stream thread. Just let me know!
  3. The Revelator
    01-14-2015 08:36 AM
    The Revelator
    THANK YOU!!!!!!! Is it ok if I post this in the stream thread?? You will get full credit, of course.
  4. The Geek
  5. The Geek
    01-13-2015 09:47 PM
    The Geek
    Sounds like a plan.
  6. The Revelator
    01-13-2015 09:47 PM
    The Revelator
    Really? That would be great!!! I'll still look for something else and let you know if I find something.
  7. The Geek
    01-13-2015 09:45 PM
    The Geek
    I have it downloaded and I can see if I can upload it to youtube tonight.
  8. The Revelator
    01-13-2015 09:43 PM
    The Revelator
    Hey do you happen to know where one can stream Things or a torrent that isn't just on cinemageddon?? I'm having trouble finding one and was just wondering if you knew of something
  9. The Revelator
    11-18-2014 10:56 PM
    The Revelator
    I'm planning on it, for sure! The last one was probably my favorite draft that I've participated in.
  10. The Geek
    11-18-2014 10:55 PM
    The Geek
    Join the cult draft. Do it...

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