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  1. The First Ever Bloody-Disgusting Convention
  2. Survey Movie Maniacs
  3. Do you think there will be anymore Leprechaun movies?
  4. Which Horror Franchise will get a dvd boxset next?
  5. Best Horror theme music
  6. the best horror film director is.......
  7. Who Cares ?
  9. Do you want a Hannibal 4?
  10. RING Confusing?
  11. Movie Maniacs V
  13. Freddy Vs. Jason going to be good or bad?
  14. Bubbah Ho-Tep
  15. Best Looking Jason
  16. Boogymen Battle Royal!!!! (2)
  17. Organizing a film crew.....
  18. Pick the BD t-shirt design!
  19. Horror themed Rave
  20. Surivivor or killed and hanged on a hook?
  21. Monster flick or slasher flick ... which is better
  22. Best Looking Werewolf of all-time
  23. Haunted houses
  24. Universal monsters
  25. Which Film are you most looking forward to in 2003
  26. Scariest Horror Character???
  27. What non-horror movie sequel are you looking forward to?
  28. POLL
  29. Best Vision of Hell...
  30. Your Favourite Horror Film?
  31. DEMONS
  32. Sav vs. Nos - Vampirism
  33. American Psycho
  34. The Wraith
  35. Average Movies Per Week
  36. So where will you be when August 15 rolls sround?
  37. Special fx make up Who do you think is the best and why??
  38. Army Of DVDarkness
  39. Bruce Campbell vs Jeffrey Combs
  40. Jason Takes Manhatten
  41. Greatest Serial Killer Movie/Series?
  42. Jaws!!
  43. Pinhead
  44. WWW.StabSlice&Slaughter.Com Now Hirering
  45. Best teen horror film mask
  46. Horror and Music
  47. Willard
  48. Friday the 13th poll
  49. Who had the idea?
  50. Miracles
  51. Worng Turn or Road Kill?(another pointless poll to take)
  52. Who is your favorite killer in a horror movie?
  53. Hammer Originals
  54. Haunted Sea Vessels
  55. Spawn Vs Eric Draven
  57. Which Horror Game Is Worthy Of A Movie?
  58. Chiller Theatre
  59. Scary or disturbing dreams
  60. What Does it Take to Make a Good Video Game Movie?
  61. What movie...
  62. Otis Vs Chop-Top
  63. Romero vs. Fulci
  64. Best type of horror movie monster
  65. Which Famous Killer Would You Least Like to Face??
  66. Who Has The BEst One Liners?
  67. Stephen King films...
  68. Leprechaun Vs. Chucky
  69. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV show)
  70. Which is the most overatted horror classic??
  71. Carnage vs The T-1000
  72. If your being chased by evil who do you want protecting you?
  73. Ash Vs Snake Plisken
  74. Which Killer provides the bloodiest, goriest deaths?
  75. Peter Jackson
  76. Favorite Universal Monster movie Creature
  77. Hack off your own arm?
  78. Ash vs Lionel Cosgrove
  79. Allright, who wants to fight?
  80. Have You Bought A Glove From Nightmare Gloves?
  82. Ash vs Freddy
  83. Film ratings and the system of failure
  84. Freddy's Nightmares
  85. Time Wasted???
  86. Top Ten: All Things Zombie
  87. what makes a good horror remake?
  88. Identity
  89. Whos the daddy?
  90. What kills do you prefer: Elaborate or Simple?
  91. Who's the mack daddy? Part 2
  92. Whats Going on with the Convention?
  93. Urban Legends
  94. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
  95. 28 Days Later...............Sucked
  96. Tales From The Crypt
  97. What do you think about Leatherfaces new look in the TCM R.M
  98. Best horror villain matchup
  99. What's as close to perfect horror movie you've seen?
  100. Popcorn
  101. New Jason Voorhees firgure?
  102. How sick are you of not getting whole DVD box sets?
  103. Claymation horror films?
  104. Wich is your favorite living dead???
  105. The Thing or They Live??? What Better?
  106. Best Evil Dead Series DVD's
  107. A.I.T.D. - The worst horror movie ever?
  108. Anyone picking up the Halloween Anniversery DVD Tomorrow?
  110. A Zodiac Movie
  112. Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, & John Carpenter poll
  113. Best Hannibal Lecter Movie?
  114. remake or sequel?
  115. Spawn vs. Pinhead
  116. Who Would Win...
  117. Michael Myers VS Freddy Kreuger
  118. Tall-Man VS Jason Voorhees
  119. Scariest Horror icon
  120. CG FX SUCKS
  121. Eyes
  122. Whos the best between Jason and Michael Myers?
  123. freddy vs jason vs ash vs myers good idea 4 a movie
  124. Official Mr Disgusting Hate Mail Thread!!!
  125. Who has the best claws?
  126. What horror movie would you like to see as a game?
  127. Fright Fest 2003 - LONDON
  128. Who has the best claws? (v.2)
  129. what movie do you think had the biggest impact
  130. Sweet Time Waster! Zombie Infection Simulation!
  131. Horror Video Game i wanna see
  132. Jason Voorhees, Retard or Mongral
  133. Zombie Hoax
  134. Your preference
  136. What would YOU do if Ghostface stalked you?
  137. Samera or Sadako
  138. TCM: Fact or Fiction?
  139. jeepers creepers franchise sucks.....
  140. Freddy Vs Uber-Jason :D
  141. Horror at the Drive in!!!
  142. What Dawn of the Dead is best?
  143. The FLY Remake: AGAIN?
  144. Body Snatchers REMAKE WHO WANTS IT WHO DOESN'T!?
  145. What you think of this?
  146. who should i be this halloween
  147. Most Unique Horror Character
  148. October 31st....then and now.
  149. The Ring 2 Is Official
  150. House of the dead trailer
  151. Halloween
  152. Would you spend a night....
  153. The Fly: 2nd Remake.
  154. Which is better... Evil Dead 1 or 2?
  155. Freddy vs. Jason vs. A peice of cheesecake
  156. Read This! cool
  157. Halloween Anime? I shit you not!
  158. Which Halloween DVD's do you own ?
  159. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Score by Steve Jablonsky
  160. Horror Icon Soup
  161. Which would you rather see Helloween or FvMvJ
  162. Clash of the Horror Titans
  163. Question of the day: Is Frankenstein a Zombie?
  164. Freddy VS Michael or Jason VS Michael
  165. Myers a Pussy boy?
  166. Favorite Decade of Horror
  167. What Would You Classify The 2000s As So Far?
  168. Who's Getting The TCM DVD Tomorrow?
  169. Ph. D. Fan Girl Favorite Horror List
  170. Best Buy - 3 DVDs for $20
  171. Is Freddy Krueger the greatest horror icon ever?
  172. Joe Bob Briggs and the Horror Channel!!!
  173. Who's the greatest Dracula?
  174. Which of these Horror flicks should i see first????
  175. My Friend Said Halloween Isnt Horror :(
  176. What would make a better horror movie?
  177. Alien vs. Predator starts filming TODAY!!
  178. Which Freddy do you prefer?
  179. Your favorite TYPE of horror movie:
  180. What is your favorite type of zombie?
  181. Best Night of the Living Dead DVD
  182. Toolbox Murders
  183. Best Resident Evil Apocalypse Fan poster!! VOTE
  184. Who is your fave Texas Chainsaw Female?
  185. MvL or MvJ
  186. What's the best remake ever?
  187. Nightmare On Elm Street. Prequel or sequel.
  188. Which Absurd Film Would You Watch If It Was Made
  189. The real reason why jason always caught up with his victim?!
  190. Hellraiser vs Wishmaster
  191. Troma -vs- Full Moon
  192. Who is The Greatest Horror Icon?
  193. House of 1000 Corpses 2
  194. Goalie Terror
  195. What's better?
  196. Who was the better Hannibal Lecter?
  197. Scary Movie
  198. Favourite Elm Street Character
  199. ginger snaps: unleashed (2004)
  200. ginger snaps: back (2004)
  201. Ginger Snaps vs. Dog Soldiers
  202. Simple....what's your favorite horror movie?
  203. Simple....what's your favorite horror movie/series?
  204. Who Is The Scarier Actor?
  205. what condition do you keep your dvds in?
  206. Hall9ween
  207. Evil Dead. Which is your favouirte.
  208. Carnivale finale
  209. Imaginary Childhood Boogymen
  210. toolbox murders remake
  211. HALLOWEEN 9
  212. Toolbox trailer??
  213. Recent Horror Rental Reviews
  214. Did Return of the Living Dead 4 die?
  215. pamala vs roy
  217. WWE Horror Movie Info
  218. Valentine 2
  220. spiderman 2 trailer!!!
  221. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  222. Helloween::BD Poll (Lets try this one more time)
  223. Fave Horror Video Game
  224. The REAL Horror News stories
  225. Whos your favorite horror movie character of all time??
  227. PumpkinHead VS Creeper
  228. Leprechaun VS Chucky
  230. Jason XI- Fan film NOW ONLINE!
  231. Rap/R&B artist in horror films
  232. Have you guys seen any of these movies..............
  233. i Know 3.......
  234. Whos Worse?
  235. End of the world hide out poll
  236. The Ring 2: What do you think.
  237. Would u go see ANOES remake?
  238. Seed Of Chucky
  239. Suspiria question?
  240. Who Would Win?
  241. Simple horror question..
  242. Cabin Fever DVD worth buying??
  243. How bad is House of the Dead?
  244. Typical Horror Character
  245. which is best in your opinon?
  246. Whats the greatest horror novel to film adaptation?
  247. What Leprechaun movie sucked the most?
  249. The King of Scream Round 1: Freddy vs. Pinhead
  250. The King of Scream Round 2: Ash vs. Blade