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  1. Clown/Acid/Shower
  2. 'Accion Mutante'
  3. James Spader getting hanged in an apartment
  4. 80's Creature Feature
  5. HELP with finding this horror classic
  6. Horror (70's-80's)..Woman in station wagon chased by truck
  7. Please help! Demon/Devil's baby movie
  8. My memory is crap! Help!
  9. Flaming fireballs?
  10. cheesy gory 90s martial arts movie
  11. 80's cheese, girls in a skyscraper, axe killer
  12. Three films i need help with
  13. Help finding a movie
  14. Basketball Death Scene - Please Help Me
  15. Money in a man's stomach?
  16. 80's Urban Legend-like movie
  17. movie where people are trapped in a house
  18. Foreign movie involing nails in the head
  19. vampire dismembered & gg-rubbing
  20. need help remembering the title of a movie
  21. 80's Slasher movie- Car with spikes in front
  22. So I'm looking for a movie...
  23. The Hog
  24. Zombie/Alien/Hillbilly Movie title?
  25. i'm looking for a movie title
  26. Werewolf TV show from the 80's or early 90's
  27. new movie continued from rosemarys baby?
  28. Evil Board Game Movie??
  29. Looking for Movie title!
  30. Movie about subliminal messages
  31. One more movie title I'm looking for!
  32. is there anyone who knows this movie?
  33. Eliza Dushku? Black dress and machete?
  34. Older Movie 70's or early 80's
  35. Saw part of this movie on TV...
  36. What movie is this GIF from?
  37. Does anyone remember that Twilight Zone style sex comedy anthology from the 90's?
  38. Need name for movie which is about some guy who performs abortions under a subway.
  39. Does Anyone Know This Demon Type Movie?
  40. Newbie Looking For Hlep With A Movie
  41. What was that movie called?
  42. Obscure Slasher movie titles
  43. Anyone seen The Prowler or Hospital Massacre?
  44. What's this gif from?
  45. What movie is this?
  46. What movie is this?
  47. What's this movie? classic "Western" style with supernatural/horror elements
  48. Whats Is Eaden Lake (Little Terrors)?
  49. Ghost movie
  50. Survival horror type
  51. Looking for a old horror VHS
  52. Another gif I'd like to know what movie it's from
  53. Figure the gif out...
  54. Something Weird Trailer
  55. Sci-Fi movie
  56. an exploitation one?
  57. blue baby movie
  58. demon/dwarf-like creature creeping up the stairs anybody ?
  59. Anthology movie help
  60. Need your help finding a horro movie.
  61. Help Find This Movie
  62. Doll movie?
  63. From what movie is this .gif?
  64. Please help
  65. 70-80's Action film
  66. HELP ME OUT!
  67. Looking for a certain movie
  68. What was the movie with the nazi kid?
  70. There was a vampire movie
  71. Killer porcupines??????
  72. Two criminals kill a family
  73. Violent mob attacks girl in car, maybe after a prom?
  74. Looking For a Movie... Please Read/Respond!!
  75. haunted house movie from the 80's?
  76. 80's film with hillbillies, HELP!
  77. Not A Horror Movie.
  78. Trying again
  79. Flashbacks
  80. possessed/automated house movie
  81. What is the name of this movie?
  82. Movie Help!
  83. At a rest stop
  84. Need your help... desert/mutant/super-soldier flick
  85. Hmm. what is this?
  86. Short scary film about a dark patio
  87. what asian horror movie
  88. Sounds like in the mouth of madness but it's not
  89. British ghost story?
  90. zombie movie name request
  91. What movie is this? Help Me Help A Friend.
  92. Surreal Animated Short
  93. Drawing a blank...
  94. If anyone knows...
  95. Obscure movie kill
  96. Brother Needs Help Finding Out The Name of This...
  97. witch movie
  98. What werewolf film is this?
  99. Green____
  100. PLEASE help me find this movie!
  101. what was this movie?
  102. Whats this Butcher comedy rock horror movie called??
  103. please!!!! help me find movie title.
  104. anyone know this one?
  105. Movie with "fireflies" in the title??
  106. Sci-fi Evil girl doll movie
  107. Name that film!
  108. movie with kids/80's refrences
  109. Move where a guy gets cut in half in an elevator?
  110. about a hand
  111. I've Got Two For Ya..
  112. Any help with this one?
  113. Can someone help me?
  114. Basement fireplace creatures....
  115. Cop pulls woman over knocks on window?
  116. Flying zombies..?
  117. Help Me Find This Move
  118. What Movie is This?
  119. Help identifying a movie..
  120. Anthology maybe?
  121. Help needed!
  122. Help me with a hard one.
  123. What 70 horror is this
  124. looking for bloody scenes
  125. What movie is this quote from?
  126. Name that film!
  127. Movie about a house that falls in love with a lady.
  128. movie had literall gutt sex
  129. I need more this type of movies
  130. Movie that wasn't 'The Hole'???
  131. Im gonna go insane if I dont figure this out...
  132. What Movie is this?
  133. looking for a couple of movies i cant remember the titles of
  134. 60s/70s French Zombie Film??
  135. what movie is this???
  136. Iguana Movie?
  137. Help! Need to find the name of this giallo movie!
  138. A movie with a killer ghost(?) lurking in mirrors!
  139. Help with a movie (really need to know)
  140. movie from the 80's
  141. 'Based On True Events'/Used 'actual' footage - released within last 7 years?
  143. I can only remember the very beginning of this movie...
  144. some film with a woman and a clock
  145. Campy 80's zombie type movie
  146. Can't Remeber This Movie
  147. Cant find the film from this clip
  148. HELP
  149. slasher film with clowns and midgets?
  150. Basket Case Belial style heads (80s)
  151. any help with this one?
  152. A killer warthog movie?
  153. Can't remember the Movie, but it invovles a Garbage Disposal
  154. Help me find a new movie
  155. Looking for an action movie
  156. 80s horror movie with I think Corey Feldman
  157. Redheaded heroine
  158. Biker Gang comes back from the dead....
  159. New life, old crooked friends comming over to fuck it up
  160. Movie about cannibal parents
  161. Zombies on a diving board
  162. Creepy kid movie!???
  163. This is the new shit (Help)
  164. Old 80s Slasher, can't remember what it is...
  165. Another 80s movie I can't remember the title of
  166. Woman draws monster who eats her friends...
  167. WTF is this from?
  168. Severed Hand terrorizes people?
  169. Upright Pig-Bear like gore creature in 70's horror movie?
  170. Spider movie clip from Little Monsters
  171. Falling into the same vein as Pieces and May...
  172. Need Help getting Movie Title
  173. Need Help getting Movie Title
  174. Non horror movie help
  175. Help! Cant remember two 80's horror!
  176. Another obscure 80's movie. Please help
  177. Need help
  178. ripping my brains out !!!! HELP
  179. Child in a meat grinder.
  180. Man forced to drink vomit
  181. Looking for a movie...
  182. Naming movies from these youtube vids?
  183. Movie identification
  184. Name of movie, 70s-80s
  185. '80s horror with ghosts
  186. Japanese Robot Movie
  187. Song from the Greenskeeper?
  188. Need name of this classic horror film!
  189. What movie is this from?
  190. 80's Movies....Can't remember their names! Help Please!
  191. A Slasher Stumper
  192. Help?
  193. Evil toy with glowing red eyes?
  194. Name this film - Please!
  195. Prison film
  196. Help! looking for film...
  197. Please help me identify a horror oldie...
  198. Just watched the original hills have eyes..
  199. Nude scene from Puppetmaster-like movie
  200. Name this evil scarecrow movie..
  201. Any clues on this film ?
  202. Oreo killer?
  203. Zombie Flick from 70's/80's
  204. Help :(
  205. dont upset the painting!
  206. Dead Bodies in Sculptures?
  207. What's the name of this Slasher film?!
  208. Carnival movie from 80s?
  209. What did I see?
  210. Newer Anthology w/ Mutant in a Bunny Suit
  211. flicker of light see's monsters?
  212. A Movie with a Painting
  213. 80's - 70's horror movie in the woods?
  214. Quarantine-like movie
  215. Old lady with knife takes a taxi
  216. Possessed TV
  217. Skin blown off in a labyrinth ...hospital?
  218. 1960's French Horror/Sci-Fi - Man in a Mask???
  219. Can't remember
  220. Asian Ghost movie weird spider?
  221. find dead scientists and monkeys body in a tank theres a root-like virus
  222. Possession Movie?
  223. hey can anyone remember this movie..........
  224. HELP! Tun into plants??
  225. I am in dire need of a title to this movie!!!!
  226. Anybody know what movie this is from?
  227. 'I never said they were CHILDREN'
  228. 90`s film demon against a guardian
  229. Child film
  230. Horror flick set in the deep South
  231. black creatures?
  232. Need help
  233. ID this movie, pls.
  234. Need help with a film "old mother in a nursing home"
  235. U.S.A. Up all night!
  236. I know this is a George A. Romero film...but I can't remember which one.
  237. Obscure 80s slasher film
  238. Woman drives up to a creepy doll in the road
  239. Ice Skating movie...
  240. What movie is this from?
  241. Comic sketch killer monster
  242. Witch movie?
  243. Help? cursed servants movie
  244. HELP! Does anyone remember this movie??
  245. Survivors cut in half on motorcycle at end of movie?
  246. Poster: Faces of white haired children with red eyes.
  247. 2 kids turn their father into a zombie. help?
  248. Old 80s Horror Series
  249. Yet another teen horror movie from the 80's?
  250. please help me with this!