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  1. Horror figures
  2. Resident Evil 4 action figures
  3. New 'Final Chapter' 12" Jason figure
  4. Cult Classics Series 3
  5. Collected stuff?
  6. Coolest horror toys/figures?
  7. Halloween Evolution box set
  8. clockwork orange models and figures
  9. Favorite Horror Action Figures
  10. Some of the stuff that NERDS like me collect
  11. NECA Texas Chainsaw Massacre box set
  12. Neca CC Series 5and hall of Fame Figs.......
  13. Leatherface & Freddy animatronic
  14. Horror figures you want to see
  15. Nightmare Gloves finally opens!
  16. V for Vendetta figure is out!!
  17. NECA News and Updates
  18. SOTA Toys News and Updates
  19. Sideshow & all other toys news
  20. X-mas Dvds!?!?! Wtf!!!
  21. Latest toy/fig/collectible you picked up?
  22. help with friday the 13th fangoria??
  24. Sloth!!!
  25. Friday the 13th 3d Movie Poster
  26. Sota/Now Playing toys
  27. Something I find strange...
  28. Total Skull
  29. Sideshow's Spiderman 3 Venom figure
  30. Kratos looks fucking awesome!!!
  31. Michael Myers stand-up wanted
  32. Player Select figures
  33. Talking action figures - what they say
  34. Art of War Statue: Bloody Zodd on Horse
  35. Chucky Doll
  36. Horror+GEnre Film props u would like to own?
  37. Nostromo Design
  38. Freddy/Jason/Leatherface set
  39. Toy Fair 2007: Mezco gets New Line!
  40. Your Favorite Horror Posters
  41. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill figure I made..
  42. Maggothead Deluxe - Jason Part 6 Hand-Made Mask For Sale
  43. Anyone from vegas
  44. Got a Freddy vs Jason burlap replica jacket for sale AND MORE
  45. A Website You Hellraiser Fans Might Like..
  46. Question about toys and the boxes they come in
  47. November Fire Apparel
  48. any one have a ORIGINAL letherface masks(wihtbars)
  49. ebay auctions for edgein/chainsaw 2
  50. Good Sites?
  51. HALLOWEEN Documentary ART on EBAY
  52. I have this Jason action figure
  53. leatherface 2 mask
  54. Something That Could Blow Your Mind
  55. swap friday 13th neca set signed
  56. Any horror posters for trade
  57. Rob Zombie Style Michael Myers Mask
  58. Cult Classics 6
  59. Up for sale is my FvJ hockey mask and vs undermask
  60. Warning: if you buy stuff online
  61. Good place to purchase posters?
  62. Coming in OCTOBER AWIL
  63. holy fuckin shit. goonies figures
  64. Blood Skull
  65. "Billy" from SAW
  66. Is this really an original poster?
  67. Ginger Snaps Figures?
  68. Attention: Tri-State area folks
  69. Obsessed much?
  70. What would you like to see?
  71. Hollywood Zombies
  72. Anyone out there think they have the best collectible...
  73. Horror Posters
  74. Best Movie Posters!
  75. Some New Universal Monster Figures
  76. If you like Stan Winston's work...
  77. Mezco
  78. Horror t-shirts
  79. My Collection up on eBay!
  80. La Fin Absolue du Monde
  81. Friday the 13th New Blood help.
  82. Looking For A Particular Chud Ii Poster...please Help
  83. Horrorclix!!!
  84. AIZU PROJECT - Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)
  85. Fooling with my figure collection, a camera and photoshop
  86. Figures I dont want
  87. Anyone Selling Action Figures.
  88. Horror Collector
  89. any godzilla collectors out there
  90. custom making
  91. Build a "Bub" (Day of the Dead)
  92. Marvel Zombie Statue
  93. Full Moon Entertainment (Poster Art)
  94. Animated Jason Voorhees Maquette
  95. Oozers
  96. What's your most prized collectible?
  97. hanging posters
  98. Anyone seen a zombie news paper replica?
  99. leprechaun
  100. Cloverfield Toy!
  101. May Doll?
  102. Re-Animator Figure???
  103. Selling on eBay stories?
  104. Bub Figure!!!
  105. Lobby Card Collecting
  106. Toy Fair 2008 THE HORROR!!!
  107. Show Your DVD Collection
  110. Some figure Photography
  111. Hellraiser Lego
  112. autographing steelbooks
  113. true crime trading cards?
  114. Michael Myers mask
  115. Sharing My Figure Collection
  116. Lego Cthulhu
  117. Nekromantik collectible
  118. Should I buy one of the Sweeny Todd Razor replicas?
  119. So I am new to buying autographs on ebay...
  120. CLOCKWORK ORANGE 4 FIGURES -NEW! - collection
  121. Biggest Regret, the collectible that got away...
  122. neca flyboy
  123. notld action figures
  124. We Need A Reggie Figure dammit!
  125. cinema of fear 3
  126. Bubbakins TCM
  127. Ton of Friday the 13th Figures
  128. Chris Benoit figure
  129. -Rare- 1888 Jack The Ripper Newspaper
  130. 3-Inch Pixelated Castlevania "toy"
  131. Two pieces from my collection of horror
  132. Action Figures that you would like to have
  133. Spurloc Doc offers FREE collectible Osama Bin Laden mask!
  134. Dreamrush Good Guy doll (from Child's Play series)
  135. The Friday The 13th Props Collection
  136. Hot New Jason Voorhees Action Figure Brings Jason Into The 00's!!!
  137. jason takes manhattan figure please
  138. Anyone else have this?
  139. Hit your Spencers and Hot Topics!
  140. Cult Classics Hall of Fame: Spaulding, Crow and Myers
  141. figures wanted
  143. Poster Display
  144. the dark knight joker mask
  145. shaun of the dead figure anyone
  146. mesco cinema of fear 4
  147. Leslie Vernon mask
  148. Ichi the Killer Figure Set
  149. Bates Motel Mem
  150. What to do with a very large item....
  151. Rotten Cotton
  152. Jeepers Creepers Screamer Dagger
  153. Horror Nike's
  154. Return of the Living Dead figures...where are they???
  155. I can make buttons now.
  156. Hannibal 18 inch question
  157. cool Full Moon deal
  158. the true origin of flyboy
  159. Help finding pic please
  160. Jason Voorhees (help me please)
  161. "Slasher" full zip hoodies...
  162. Part 5 Mask
  163. My new Mask
  165. any x-file collectours out there
  166. my zombie art
  167. my zombie art
  168. Collector Sites
  169. Ok let's try this again-- posting pic
  170. For Sale on Ebay Silicone Zombie Bust
  171. 18" Jason Remake
  172. What made you start collecting?
  173. My killer klowns from outer space mask n prop collection
  174. 12 inch Mcrfarlane's Tortured Souls for sale
  175. Ash - Evil dead
  176. Horror Movie Posters
  177. neca horror busts and a few others for sale
  178. day of the dead bub
  179. Coolest freddy Staute!!!!!
  180. Shaun of the Dead 12" autographed figure
  181. Zombies
  182. seed of chucky Glen doll
  183. The Wolfman Figure Mezco
  184. Planet of the Apes - life size displays
  185. Check out my killer klowns from outer space mask n prop collection video
  186. Anyone sent in photoes to HorrorHound magazine?
  187. Addicted to horror movie magazines!!
  188. Where can I get a good replica Jason mask?
  189. Post your F13 Collections!!!
  190. 10 Favourite DVDs from your collection.
  191. TCSM beta tape
  192. Nightmare Gloves!!
  193. Under the Turfan Mt. Huoyan discovers the Qing Dynasty dry corpse
  194. Haha to unpackage or to mint in box?
  195. Tales From The Crypt
  196. My dog destroyed my Nightmare 3 Sideshow Freddy!!!
  197. Skeletor, Beast Man and He-Man!
  198. Chucky dolls anyone?
  199. Shawn Crahan's (from Slipknot) new mask
  200. SPFX Masks Thread
  201. My NOES house model i made. Check it out and comment!
  202. Punk Zombie
  203. Does anyone collect Living Dead Dolls?
  205. Anyone check out this new Full Moon Totem doll?
  206. Cinema of Fear Jason
  207. Authentic Amityville Murders Newspaper
  208. Looking to go to some shows
  209. Check out my new poster!!!
  210. RAH Original ALIEN gallery
  211. Collections April 2009
  212. Amok Time Monstarz Day of the Dead Bub 12" Collectors figure!
  213. Living Dead Doll Lottie Series 3
  214. DIY Captain Spaulding shirt
  215. Collecting
  216. Ebay of the day...
  217. Other branded products?
  218. Cinema of Fear - Screen Grabs...
  219. Vintage video store displays etc
  220. New figure/bust review thread
  221. Remote control exorcist prop...
  222. the dark knight/ joker figure
  223. Some titles of some good asian horror fliks??
  224. hatchet figures
  225. Marvel Zombies
  226. The Exorcist Regan in bed Boxset in Aug
  227. TCM Leatherface Portrait for sale in L.A. area
  228. Anyone looking to sell Hellraiser figures?
  229. Freddy statue cheap on ebay...
  230. T4 Salvation Figures
  231. Ultimate Collectibles/figures/memorabilia COLLECTIONS thread
  232. Taxi Driver Travis Bickle Figure Limited to 50!
  233. Fulci's Zombi 2/Zombie Flesh Eaters 12" Figure
  234. Halloween 2 figures
  235. Spawn figures and such
  236. One of a kind Zombie Baby Doll for sale, ends June 8th!
  237. freddy 18 inch figure
  238. Need everyone's opinion! PLEASE!
  239. Nightmare collectables
  240. Punk Klown mask I made (killer klowns inspired)
  241. I'm looking for Bruce Campbell figures
  242. Collections Blog
  243. Need some help
  244. Need a Quick Answer
  245. Horror Masks
  246. Part 5 Roy hood
  247. Any He-Man & She-Ra fans?
  248. Modifying the NECA Jason Voorhees replica mask
  249. TCM2 tin poster + Leatherface standee from old Fangoria ad?
  250. How do you get horror props signed by actors?