The Man Who Laughs

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The Man Who Laughs

Post by GREGGS85 » Fri May 05, 2017 10:28 am

Hello, I'm not sure if Batman or The Joker get much love around here but I just wanted to share some music I wrote inspired by the Comic "The Man Who Laughs" I have the track-listing below to make it easier to understand what I was trying to do. Again like my last post I'm going to leave two links for your choosing.


Track1 - What the hell is happening to my city (Jim Gordon)
Track2 - Hello/Goodbye, your all going to die (The Joker)
Track3 - I’ve got a killer to catch (Jim Gordon)
Track4 - This stops now (Batman)
Track5 - Now who wants to have some fun (The Joker)
Track6 - Chemical Breakdown (Batman)
Track7 - He’s in the wind. Literally (Batman)
Track8 - Joker is the Red Hood (Batman)
Track9 - I’ll have to do this the hard way (Batman)
Track10 - I’d stay right their if I were you Batsy (The Joker)
Track11 - Okay, Uncle….You win (The Joker)
Track12 - People in my city are looking up (Jim Gordon) ... laughs-ost

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