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Post by NusPojava » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:22 am

WOUNDED; a game currently on Steam Greenlight that is very close to passing it, but needs that little extra boost from all of you horror/mystery game fans out there!

1. Basic info
Wounded is an indie horror game that is made from a young team of developers from Macedonia. This is our first game and it is mainly to learn proper development. It is under development for over 3 years and it has undergone several environment redesigns. Now, its nearing completion as currently is worked on importing gameplay and animations.

2. About WOUNDED
Wounded is a nerve racking first person horror game that is one step closer to the world of fear, unforgiveness, anxiety and all round terror!
As you progress through the old and abandoned world of “Wounded”, searching for your daughter, you uncover the deep dark secrets that the place has buried in its wall and ground. Every clue that you gather and every secret that you uncover helps you to guide your way through the game and not to fall into your own nightmares. Swift moves, reflexes, and stealth are your weapons of choice to insure your survival and to maximize the chances of finding your daughter… Alive.

3. About Workbench Entertainment
Workbench Entertainment was established in 2014, by a team of young, enthusiastic gamers from Skopje, Macedonia.
The dream is to establish ourselfs as a recognized game studio that makes alluring games that people will enjoy playing. We are giving our best to ensure that the best ideas and concepts are implemented into our games. We want to atrack players that are whilling to commit to a good storyline, thrilling gameplay and to be one with the characters.

4. The Team
Vasko Atanasovski [CEO]
Timotej Andonovski [Funder/Marketing]
Timoti Gligorov [Level Design]
Bojan Veselinovic [Storyline/Level Design]
Shime Tadic [Programmer]
Goran Graorkovski [Art]
Ali Osman [3D Modeling/Animations]
Jonathan Wachoru [Lead Audio Designer]
Andrej Trajkovski [Audio]

5. Gallery and Gameplay Trailer

6. Contact and Socials
Official Site: http://wounded.workbench-entertainmen...
About us: http://workbench-entertainment.com/
LIke Wounded on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wounded.game/
Follow Wounded on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WoundedGame

7. Facts and Figures
YouTube views: 7 million+
Demo downloads: 80.000+ w/ 2k+ positive reviews on Game Jolt
Game Jolt Review: 4.8/5

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